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Principal's Message

Mrs. Robertson

Excellence Never Rests

Under my leadership the Mann mission and vision are two-fold. I am a firm believer in viewing our students through an asset-based lense and that all of our student are unique and come to us with skills and academic capabilities that they will build on with the support of our staff, all staff not just their teachers. I am a firm believer in accountability and high expectations and that our job as educators is to see the whole student, nurture and develop the whole child; build on their strengths and support them in their areas of need, whatever that may be. I can say without a doubt that building relationships with students and families is at the core of student success. Knowing and understanding our students and providing them a safe environment where they want to come to school and learn daily is critical in their success as students and growing as productive citizens. Students need to be able to see themselves in their classroom, they need to have a voice, they need to feel like they belong and all of that happens through the daily interactions we have them and their families. The bottom line is a student will not produce academically if they don’t feel that sense of belonging and that sense of belonging comes from everyone on campus-the custodians, office staff, rec. staff, cafeteria staff, instructional aides, administration and the teachers. It is important that we meet the needs of all of our students, including those at or above grade level. Offering enrichment experiences to support those scholars in their growth is as important as getting everyone to proficiency status therefore our focus is on enrichment and acceleration, raising the bar for our scholars and providing them the support structures needed to reach their goals.

At Mann we don’t just look at quantitative data, we look at qualitative data, what we see daily that cannot be measured by numbers-when there is a positive shift in our observational data there we will see a positive shift in the numbers. As a leader I embrace and empower collective efficacy and believe we are stronger together, which includes home and school. I will do my due diligence to ensure that our teachers best practices are aligned to our district’s excellence and equity policy and that we support our district’s student outcomes by providing that quality core instruction that our students s deserve and aligning our work to our district’s understandings and expectations. The motto that I live by and lead by is “EXCELLENCE NEVER RESTS.”